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What we are born into leads to our true path…

Davina tells us more about about her path to becoming visionary healer

My childhood was a mixed blessing. Difficult circumstances taught me lessons that have proved valuable in surviving the adult world. They were the training ground for my enhanced intuitive skills – in a volatile and violent environment my safety depended on it!

Growing up, formal education was considered a fundamental requisite for success in the adult world. Although educated to degree level I have no formal business training. It was through experience, feedback and a “can do” attitude that I climbed to the top of the corporate ladder from PA to board director in the telecoms sector. Directing a large workforce, I gained valuable experience as a teacher of people, yet was not fulfilled. I had a whole intuitive, psychic part of me, that had yet to be given voice. I didn’t even have words for that part of me back then and certainly never entertained the possibility that I could make a living sharing my true gifts.

In 1992 I had a near death experience whilst hitching to Tibet along the highest road in the world. This resulted in a momentous course correct for my life. A journey that has taken me from the foothills of the Himalayas to the peaks of the Andes.

Along the way I met teachers and experienced many things which have radically altered both the meaning and purpose of my life.

My understanding of our natural energy and our unconscious intuitive power took form over these years. I eventually left the corporate world in 1999 to be who I always was a shamanic seer, mystic, and healer. I started to work with people one-to-one to show them how to interpret their natural healing energy, their inner essence, and their dreams.

I learned it was OK to be free and to be me.

I learned that mostly people are limited only to the extent that they utilise or not their imagination - and in our intuitive world we are given a natural gift to look inside and understand our unconscious imagination.

Intuition and dreams have changed the path for many people, enabled them to make business decisions, life choices and alter situations by merely knowing why they feel the way they do and observing what happens in their dreaming state.

Whilst studying for my degree, already a trained nurse, I spent some time nursing Professor Stephen Hawking, the theoretical physicist and author of the bestselling Brief History of Time. He taught me that truly nothing is impossible if your intention and will is clear and focused. The more I focused on the mystical side of my life the more I trusted my inner compass and became guided by the abundant wisdom I saw reflected in the natural world around me. Intuition is one way to connect to this implicate creative principle.

We live in a world of living energy and it converses naturally with us if we know how to listen. We are infinitely more powerful and aware than we give ourselves credit for. Once we understand the language of dreams and intuition, we can use this inner resource to bring about change as individuals and as groups. For example, I am working with a group of indigenous shamans from the Amazon at present and our dreams have begun to coalesce as we dream our collective vision of a new collaborative community into being.

World leaders of all nations have sought advice from intuitives and wisdom keepers since time immemorial. Wise people were honoured around the campfire, their dreams a way to access knowledge not normally available at an ordinary conscious level.

I believe, using the integrated wisdom of intuition and dreams will enable people to blend our human spirit in a way that will create a more balanced world, economically and socially for the good of all humankind.


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