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For the Face

Our range of facials use only the finest ingredients from exclusive brand Elemental Herbology. Taking inspiration from Traditional Chinese Medicine, their products relate to each of the five elements: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water. 


Elemental Herbology have sourced the highest quality, natural ingredients and combined them with the latest technologies to bring you ultimate skin nutrition.

Their unique formulations help to reduce the skin-damaging effects of ageing, lifestyle and the environment for healthier, happier skin.


All prices shown are per person

(P) - Suitable for pregnant guests (over 1st trimester) 

Holistic Facial  (P)

This unique 50/50 treatment gives you the best of both worlds.


Beginning with a back, neck and shoulder massage to untie the knots to the upper body, we then continue with a deep cleanse to the face, followed by a slow relaxing massage to the facial muscles and soothing head massage.


A deeply relaxing experience that promotes a sense of harmony and leaves you with glowing skin.

£70  |  1 hour

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Five Elements Facial (P)

Bespoke for each client, we tailor a facial treatment to harmonise the Five Elements and address key underlying concerns of the skin.


This transformative facial combines healing botanicals, vitamins and marine extracts to feed the skin and restore equilibrium, while creating a more vibrant and healthy complexion.


Incorporating deep cleansing, exfoliation, a luxurious facial massage and nourishment, this treatment replenishes the skin giving you immediate and long-lasting results.  Includes a luxurious 20-minute face, neck and shoulder massage for the ultimate spa facial.

£70  |  1 hour

Purity Facial Oil_1.jpg

Rejuvenating Age
Support Facial  (P)

This transformational facial addresses the key underlying causes of physiological ageing.


Incorporating a deep cleanse and AHA exfoliation followed by an extensive face, neck and décolleté massage using Rose Quartz rollers to sculpt and reduce puffiness.


Acupressure massage is used to repair and revitalise the skin.

£80  |  1 hour

Gentlemans Grooming Facial.jpg

Revitalising Facial

This tailored facial treatment, uses Elemental Herbology’s healing botanicals, vitamins and marine extracts to feed the skin and restore equilibrium. Incorporating deep cleansing, exfoliation, a luxurious face, neck and shoulder massage.


Concludes with hot steamed face towels to revive and refresh.

£70  |  1 hour

Brightlife Signature Tranq Voyage.jpg

For the Body

From our Signature range to exclusive brands Elemental Herbology and ila, we have something for everyone.  For those looking for pure indulgent escapism - why not try one of our 2 hour treatments...?

We are proud to be able to offer Jennifer Young's Oncology full body massage as one of our body treatments,  Performed by fully trained and certified therapists, this massage is completely free of plant oestrogens and is particularly beneficial for those who are currently undergoing or recovering from Cancer treatment. 

All prices shown are per person

Infused Full Body
Massage  (P)


An indulgent full body massage giving you the choice of 3 different infused massage oils to suit your mood and personalise your experience.


Easing away stress and tension, nurturing your mind, body and spirit and promoting a sense of wellbeing and deep relaxation.

£65  |  1 hour

Hot Stone Massage

Aromatic Hot Stone 


In this blissful massage  experience, smooth heated basalt stones are incorporated into a soothing and aromatic full body massage.


The comforting heat from the stones help to melt away muscle tension and stress, stimulating blood circulation and promoting balance and peace.

£65  |  1 hour

Warm Bamboo


Feel tension and stress roll away as our warm bamboo massage soothes and relaxes muscles. Slow, long flowing movements gently knead large areas to release knots and tension.


Comparable to a deep tissue massage, the bamboo allows for a firmer pressure if desired.

£65  |  1 hour

Back Neck & Shoulder
Massage  (P)


A wonderfully soothing treatment, working directly with those specific areas that hold stress and tension to relieve pain and aid relaxation.


Applying pressure on the soft tissue around your neck, shoulders and back reduces muscular tension and can benefit those suffering with headaches and migraine pain.

£65  |  1 hour

Warm Candle Wax


An indulgent full body massage giving you the choice of 3 different infused massage oils to suit your mood and personalise your experience.


Easing away stress and tension, nurturing your mind, body and spirit and promoting a sense of wellbeing and deep relaxation.

£70  |  1 hour

Ho-Leaf & Rosemary
Muscle Melt

Elemental Herbology

Combining bespoke oils and ingredients with massage therapy, this concentrated treatment will unravel tension in sore and tight muscles, relieve deep stress and tension and enhance the body’s circulation.


Incorporating hot stones and a warm invigorating balm, this treatment is recommended for anyone suffering from chronic stress, pain or tension

£70  |  1 hour

Muscle Melt Balm_Amber.jpg

Five Elements Aroma Massage

Elemental Herbology

This aromatherapy massage blends customised essential oil infusions with warm herbal steam towels, heated stones and skilful therapeutic techniques to deliver the ultimate massage experience.


We prescribe wood for rejuvenation, fire for zest, earth for balance, metal for detoxifying or water to soothe. This treatment draws from both eastern and western massage and thermotherapy techniques to help balance body and mind.

£70  |  1 hour

Thai Chi Flow

Elemental Herbology

Well known for its relaxing effect on stiff or tired muscles, this treatment incorporates three key elements: deep stretching, tapotement movements and massage with Elemental Herbology body oil. 


The warming and invigorating massage helps to energise the body’s flow of energy helping you achieve your optimum well-being.

£70  |  1 hour

Back Massage


A deeply powerful experience, ideal for emotionally exhausted souls, this nurturing treatment has an extraordinary restorative effect. 


Ancient marma therapy and warm chakra stones are placed on the back of the body, whilst sound healing and chakra balancing lift away your tension.  


Energy is released from the base of the spine, negativity is dissolved and the body is brought back to a state of balance.

£75  |  1 hour

poultice on back.jpg

Ku Nye
Body Massage 


This Tibetan body treatment balances the five elements to restore a harmonious flow of energy and vitality. 


A blend of five essential oils work together to stabilise the five sensory organs. Tibetan cupping, kneading and acupressure techniques help release physical and mental tension. 


Warm crystals bring harmony from the tips of the toes, to the crown of the head.

£75  |  1 hour

Pre-Natal Wellbeing Massage

Elemental Herbology

Promoting a sense of calm and optimum wellbeing, this treatment combines 100% natural ingredients with effective movements, our therapists will help to ease an aching back, shift fluid retention and alleviate stretch marks.

Massage in pregnancy is gentle, involves many different massage techniques and can be especially useful to ease discomfort during pregnancy when a lot of stress can be experienced in your back, shoulders, neck and abdominal muscles.  It can also relieve stress and reduce swelling in your arms and legs and improve sleep.


Suitable for the 2nd and 3rd trimester, a nurturing and relaxing treatment for the mother to be.

During pregnancy you will need to avoid any heat based spa facilities such as our hydropool, steam room & sauna.

£70  |  1 hour

iStock-975122980 (1).jpg
Untitled design (21).png

Oncology Full Body

Jennifer Young

This bespoke massage is carefully adapted to suit your individual needs. Using 100% natural and organic oils this treatment is ideal for the most sensitive skins.


Gentle massage brings harmony, promotes wellbeing and gives a sense of deep relaxation.


Our specialist Therapists also include a gentle scalp massage, ensuring that your experience is pure indulgence from top to toe.

£45  |  1 hour

Jennifer Young Half Day Spa Retreat

For those living with and beyond cancer 



1 x 1 hour Jennifer Young Full Body Massage 

Use of Spa Facilities 

Snack box

Teas, coffee & water 


​Half Day Retreat - £90

​Half Day Retreat with Lunch - £120

Full Day Retreat with Jennifer Young Massage & Oncology Facial using Elemental Herbology products - £175

2-hour treatments

Total Massage Journey

Elemental Herbology

Our complete top to toe relaxation journey, a full body massage using slow sweeping movements and finishing with an optional mini facial and soothing scalp massage. 


There couldn’t be a more tranquil way to relieve aches and pains.

£115  |  2 hours

* If you wish to book one of our 2 hour treatments please advise at the time of booking as appointment times are limited and cannot always be guaranteed.

Untitled design (47).png

Body, Scalp & Feet Retreat

Elemental Herbology

Help restore balance to energy levels and emotions with this targeted treatment, focusing on the three key areas of physical and mental tension. 


Beginning with a back exfoliation and massage that combines Elemental Herbology’s Harmony Body Oil with heated stone and warm steam towels, the treatment continues with a nourishing acupressure scalp massage and warm hair wrap* and concludes with a restorative foot and leg massage, leaving you feeling both relaxed and rejuvenated.

*Please note this treatment involves application of warm oil to the scalp and hair.

£115  |  2 hours

* If you wish to book one of our 2 hour treatments please advise at the time of booking as appointment times are limited and cannot always be guaranteed.

Massage Salts

Scrubs & Wraps

Body wraps and body scrubs are designed to relax, cleanse, nourish, detoxify and rejuvenate your body.

Whether it be for a holiday ready glow, a special occasion or just a nourishing treat, our body wraps and scrubs will leave your skin fresh and invigorated.

All prices shown are per person

Infused Body Scrub


An amazing experience - body brushing, exfoliation, body and scalp massage replicating the movements of the sea, combining both gentle and stimulating techniques. 

£65  |  1 hour

Infused Scrub.jpg

Detox Booster Body Wrap

Elemental Herbology

To reduce fluid retention, invigorate circulation and shift toxins a warm purifying Kaolin Clay infused with Rosemary, Grapefruit and Juniper Berry is applied. While the natural botanicals are activated, a relaxing scalp and foot massage helps to release any tension.


Concludes with a full body application of Detox Body Oil, followed by a circulation boosting Juniper and Grapefruit body cream, leaving you feeling warm, purified, and revived.

£70  |  1 hour

burning bowl.jpg

Head, Feet & 
Holistic Rituals 

From your head to your feet and beyond....


A range of treatments that focus on both physical and spiritual well-being. 

All prices shown are per person

Indian Head Ritual  (P)


This traditional treatment opens with a relaxing foot massage, followed by an invigorating massage of the shoulders, upper arms, neck, scalp, face, and ears. 


Our Indian Head Ritual helps to release the stress that has accumulated in the tissues, muscles and joints of the head, face, neck and shoulders.

£65  |  1 hour

Foot & Scalp Ritual  (P)


A deeply relaxing massage of the lower legs to help reduce swelling and soften tired feet.  Using pure and fine black volcanic sand for a deep, natural exfoliation. 


Perfect for foot ailments of all kinds.  Includes a soothing scalp massage.

£65  |  1 hour

Reiki with Scalp Massage  (P)


Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing.  Reiki can promote self-healing and balance. 


This is a non-invasive relaxing therapy suitable for anyone.  Our reiki session ends with a soothing and relaxing scalp massage.

£65  |  1 hour

Reflexology  (P)


Massage on the reflex areas increases the circulation in your feet, enabling blood to distribute nutrients and dispose of toxins.  By stimulating more than 7,000 nerves in the feet, reflexology encourages the opening and clearing of neural pathways.

£65  |  1 hour

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