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Darren Brittain - Internationally renowned UK medium

Darren Brittain

Darren Brittain is a UK medium of over 30-years’ experience.


He has demonstrated in Spiritualist churches, public halls and theatres worldwide as well as teaching workshops and seminars on mediumistic, and intuitive unfoldment.


He has written for and been featured in several well-respected esoteric magazines and in 2021 he published his own book “From Innocence to Inner Sense”. His book not only details his own journey into mediumship, but it is also highly educational and in it he imparts his own wisdom gained from almost 20 years as a teaching medium.


As well as being a highly evidential demonstrating medium, he is also a passionate spiritual educator offering classes, seminars, and workshops focussing on the role of the Soul, and the influence of the Identity in all forms of mediumship.


He also offers Soul appraisals to help people understand their own spiritual purpose and how it can be fulfilled.

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