Shakti Sundari

Shakti Sundari is a Priestess of Love & Sacred Sexuality, who has followed her bliss in teaching embodied awareness and ecstatic awakening for the past 19 years.


Trained as a yogi, tantrika, dancer and healer, Shakti is a passionate advocate of women's empowerment, a masterful curator of full-bodied spirituality and an eternal student on the path of authentic living, with a gift for holding compassionate yet transformative space.


Following her apprenticeship as a Facilitator of Sexual Awakening for Women in 2012, Shakti has created and delivered an ever-evolving series of tantric and personal development courses for women, including her Sovereign Sexual Woman and Dancing the Goddess programmes.


In 2021, she published her first book RAPTURE: A Guide to Sexual & Spiritual Awakening for Women.


Shakti has appeared in the British TV documentary "Super Orgasm" and been interviewed by the national press on the theme of "yogasms". She has also been a presenter at Skyros Holistic Holidays, Kalikalos, Champneys, the One World Festival, Awaken the Goddess Festival, London Tantra Festival, Colourfest and Mind Body Spirit Festivals in Birmingham and London.