A Weekend for Yoga & Beauty

20-22 September

Join us for a weekend of cleansing nutritious foods and healing yoga. The Yoga and Beauty weekend has been designed to restore your wellbeing and begin to reverse the signs of ageing from top to toe!


Dynamic Yoga in the mornings and Restorative Yoga in the evenings will be complemented by daily Facial Yoga sessions. These are suitable for all levels, beginners through to advanced. Start feeling fantastic again. The weekend has been designed to restore your wellbeing and your waistline.


Body & Facial Yoga


You will learn how to move your body into deeper yoga postures safely and efficiently. In Facial Yoga, you will experience how to nourish your skin from the inside out: rediscover your facial muscles to help improve skin tone, fine lines and wrinkles.


Suitable for all ages, working the muscles of your face is a vital health and beauty practice that is both preventative and will help reverse the signs of ageing. Our faces are on show far more than anything from the neck down. When we place so much importance on the appearance of our bodies, why not pay some attention to the muscles of the face?


Evenings will close with a restorative yoga class - expect to be transported to the Bliss Zone. Reconnect to the breath, your body, and in letting go of the tension we tend to grip on to, you will move your body into deeper postures naturally and without effort or strain.


This is a deeply relaxing class, and an excellent introduction to Mindfulness and Meditation or for those who find it difficult to still the mind.

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