Access Your Happiness Now

20-22 Nov

Nothing will change until you start to change it – and this workshop shows you easily how!


This course has been specifically designed to help raise your vibration; to help you access and re-attune to the new higher energy frequencies birthing through, helping you to feel better, calmer, happier, healthier, more beautiful, confident, loved, loving and lively.


I will give you powerful life tools to help you better understand and fine tune the underlying programming which sits behind, and then influences, what is often just thought of as mood swings or quirkiness of character.


We more often react more than create. Karma is rife. Old habits, conditioning and out of date patterns are being highlighted and called into account – to help them become redrawn or erased... A new way of loving and being is developing – and you too form part of that story.


Powerful, inspirational, informative – yet incredibly easy, this weekend is designed to free you of confines of past, lifting the lid of what drives you unconsciously to bring long lasting love to the fore and get life working in tune with your needs; revealing a stronger, happier, healthier, more vibrant, confident you…


This weekend is all about deepening your connection to LOVE - to help your relationships become stress free, loving and great!

All attendees of this weekend workshop will receive a complete set of Stephanie's acclaimed video empowerment sessions as an added bonus to enable them to use her material as a holistic enhancement to their own consumer practices.

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