Awakening Shakti

17-19 July

Shakti is the Sanskrit word for power, life-force energy and the Divine Feminine. In the tantra-yoga tradition, it is regarded both as the energy that creates all that is manifest as well as sexual energy which, when awakened, expands our consciousness.


At a time when a global re-balancing of the masculine and feminine is taking place, women are feeling the call to break free from old values and beliefs, that have kept them at war with themselves and one another; disconnected from their greatest potential. They sense that there is a vast untapped power and mystery residing within, that ignites when it is called: Shakti.


Awakening this current of Divine Feminine energy takes us onto a path of full-bodied spirituality and authentic empowerment, that reclaims our bodies as cosmically wise, our sex as sacred and our flowing nature as strong and beautiful. 


With Shakti, our Feminine shakes itself loose of the fetters of conditioning to reveal a re-wilded woman, who unites her divided self and needs no external validation to know her worth or feel radiant, abundant, ecstatic and loved.


Over this weekend Retreat for all women of any age or life-stage, we will open ourselves to the magic of Shakti through 4 stages of: embodiment, awakening, transformation and integration, with processes to include circle sharing and guided self-enquiry, meditation, energy activation, Goddess archetype invocation, yoga, chanting and dance. 


Each participant will be welcomed and met wherever she is in her life, so that space is given for individual needs and questions.


No prior experience of this kind of work is necessary, although you will be asked to complete a brief welcome form to support our preparations.

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