Mike Kewley

Our 1-day workshops are priced at £115 per person and includes lunch, tea & coffee.

17 October

Ordinary Enlightenment: The Taste of Non-Duality 

How far away is the happiness, transformation and enlightenment we seek?


For many of us these goals are viewed as future experiences which can be achieved through spiritual practices, methods and beliefs. Chasing enlightenment can be a snakes and ladders game of highs and lows, break-through's and setbacks which is thrilling, confusing and exhausting.

In this special workshop, Mindfulness Teacher Mike Kewley draws upon his own experience of seeking, suffering and finding, to explore the relationship between Mindfulness, Meditation and Non-duality.


Through a series of talks, meditations and discussions Mike invites us to drop and deconstruct all our ideas, practices and goals, to discover our own ordinary enlightenment which is closer to us than our own breath.

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