Mike Kewley

Our 1-day workshops are priced at £115 per person and includes lunch, tea & coffee.

18 January 

Breathe Here Now: 
Discovering the Present Moment

Join Mindfulness Teacher Mike Kewley for this special one-day workshop and experience the vital art of living in the present moment.


Mike will explore the roots of Mindfulness as well as the fascinating neuroscience which supports it and guide us through simple yet profound methods to fully inhabit our lives, tasting the humanity, depth and wisdom available there.

Mindfulness develops a silent and clear observation of the body-mind, allowing experiences to transform and express freely, releasing physical and mental tension and dissolving habitual patterns. By discovering a new centre of gravity in attention, presence and open-heartedness our lives transform from contracted seeking to effortless being.

This workshop is suitable for those new to Mindfulness, and for those who wish to develop their current practice and understanding further.

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