Reading the Signs of Destiny

Supercharge your Intuitive & Psychic Abilities 

18-20 September

The Universe works symbolically.   There are always signposts along the journey of our life pointing us in the right direction.  To take advantage of this guidance and maximise our personal potential we need to become master map-readers.  We also need to develop our antennae to receive the information and trust ourselves to act on that which we receive. The art of divination is the art of cosmic map reading allowing you to accurately interpret and align yourself with the forces that are personal powerhouses for you. 


During this weekend immersion in the power of your inner Oracle we will explore a variety of different divination techniques including tarot; palmistry; numerology and shamanic journeying. 


Davina has been reading for clients for over 30 years and been teaching others how to trust their intuition and interpret the information they receive for over 15 years.  She is a passionate and inspiring teacher dedicated to helping you become empowered to act on ‘the knowing without the need to know.’


This will be an experiential weekend whilst also practical and informative.  You will leave with the skills required for trusting your own guidance and developing a safe divination practice going forwards.  Come prepared with questions you are seeking answers to.


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