Tapping into the Earth’s Serpentine Grid of 

Wisdom & Creativity

11-13 October

There’s never been a more important time to change humanity’s present course of action.


Are you ready, as a spiritual responsible being, to tap into rivers of creative energy running beneath your feet and birth new levels of consciousness on this planet?  These serpentine streams of ancient wisdom are waiting for us, their presence being particularly powerful around mountains, groves of trees, caves, wells and lakes. This is why our ancient people built their sacred temples in the presence of such natural landscape, in an attempt to enhance the process of spiritual evolution. 

Have you the courage to empty yourself of limiting beliefs and open yourself to exciting new insights bringing hope, abundance and peace to all who call Mother Earth home?

Everything which will ever be developed on this planet is already energetically present within this serpentine grid, waiting to be awakened so a new holographic reality can be created. The grid is accessed via portals which lead us into an underground place of great spiritual wealth. Until now, dragons have been guarding these portals, only allowing those to enter who are spiritually responsible. Now, the dragons are calling on us to take over this role.  

Come and learn how to clear energy fields, open heart and mind, make peace with your inner dragon & tap into the Earth’s serpentine grid of creative wisdom. 

(Depending on weather, time will be allowed to access these portals in the countryside of the Isle of Man).

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