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Oceana (Tori)

Oceana (Tori) was born with the ability to see beyond the veil and communicate with non-physical beings.  As a child she was often surrounded by spirits, both human and animal, which she later knew to be her guides. 


During her teenage years she began to recognise that her out of body experiences were called astral travel and messages about life’s meaning, her purpose here and her soul calling flooded her mind in a stream of consciousness. During this time she discovered that all things are made up of energy and by becoming a conduit for this energy, healing could take place.


During her various career pathways including fashion, dance and choreography, Oceana was constantly drawn to use her healing abilities with both humans and equines. She trained to teach Yoga and Pilates with extensive studies around holistic health and nutrition.


Exploring the Himalayan mountains as part of a pilgrimage in 2017 Oceana received a powerful message precipitated by dreams of humpback whales and began to feel their frequency when working with energy.  Here, she was given her spirit name which she uses when working in healing modalities, the proceeds of which are donated to the well-being of those majestic conscious ocean creatures. Her passion for Yoga was ignited by the Kundalini yogis she studied with whilst in the mountains. 


Oceana has worked and travelled with Shamans, Maori tribe leaders, Monks and other and highly evolved beings, in an act of service to our planet and all life forms within it.  These experiences have culminated in her gaining an abundance of tools in order to facilitate healing, coded clearings and DNA activations.  An appreciation for such profound teachings brought about a deep-rooted desire to share her knowledge and empower others to be their own guru.  Today she is spiritual mentor and healing facilitator and works with her wonderful team of spirit guides. 


Her desire is to educate, inspire and empower others to experience abundance, omnipresence and enlightenment. 

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