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Mira Manek

Mira Manek is an author, integrated health practitioner, Ayurveda expert, takes health and wellness workshops and talks and has her own chai brand. She has written two books, bestselling cookbook Saffron Soul and a book on Ayurveda and happiness called Prajna. Her third book, Book of Chai, is out in April 2024. Her books and recipes have been featured in various national publications and magazines.


Saffron Soul, Mira’s first book, is a bestselling cookbook, a collection of modern and traditional vegetarian recipes rooted in her Gujarati heritage interspersed with family stories. Prajna, Ayurvedic Rituals for Happiness, her second book, starts with Mira’s personal journey of finding happiness from loneliness after her first marriage and living abroad. It focuses on creating your happiness toolkit, has practical daily rituals and recipes and delves into Ayurveda and philosophy.



Mira has her own chai brand with five flavours, a blend of spices and coconut sugar, sold online and used by various cafes, restaurants and hotels.


Mira shares tips and recipes on her instagram account @miramanek and with almost 100k followers, works with food and wellness brands on instagram collaborations.



Mira was born and raised in London, where she grew up in a large joint family with her grandparents, strongly rooted in their Indian heritage. She grew up speaking Gujarati, learned Sanskrit at school and has travelled extensively in India, inspiring her passion for Indian philosophy and spirituality, chai and spices, and especially Ayurveda. 

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