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Kylie Holmes

Kylie Holmes is a published Author of four books, Writer, Empath, Angel Energy Practitioner®, Fairy Elemental Practitioner®, Past Life Regression Therapist and Spiritual Life Coach.


Since childhood, Kylie’s intuition has always been a guiding compass in her life. Kylie has refined her skills over many years, through meditation, self-development techniques and mind, body, spirit, and soul-related courses.  She has helped many people of all ages and walks of life and is particularly well known for her work with children, and their intuitive abilities.


Kylie has trained with Ruth White, author of Working with Spirit Guides. In her work as an Angel Therapy Practitioner®, certified by Flavia Kate Peters, Kylie teaches out of her own experience of Angel contact to assist others in learning about Angelic connections.


Kylie offers inspiring spiritual workshops, designed to build your connection with the Angelic realm and spirit guides and to ignite your soul’s potential.


By working with your Soul Energy, Guides, Angels, and Ancestors you will identify your core beliefs and, ultimately, find your highest potential by letting go of limitations.



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