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Derek Mills

After almost 17 years failing to be himself, in pain in all of the main areas of his life, Derek had his first 10-Second awakening...He became truly INspired and went from depressed and broke to being what he calls his TrueSelf and happy ‘overnight’. He also became wealthy financially and in friendships.

Derek discovered that he had a Guru inside of him, and that whenever he followed the guidance form his inner Guru, his life took incredible shifts. You too can learn how to renew your life, take a quantum leap in your faith and begin to live as the real you. The real you is a genius and when your genius turns up, you change.

When you change, everything changes for you! If Derek can go from broke and depressed, to a bestselling author (The 10-Second Philosophy®, published by Hay House), in a few short years, sharing his practical philosophy worldwide, then there is no telling what can happen for you when you attend this workshop.

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