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David Leesley

David has had a fascination with death and dying since a school boy, wanting to be either a priest, funeral director or taxidermist. 

In the 1970's, David trained as a post-mortem technician and mortuary attendant in an Australian teaching hospital, then eventually training in different spiritual and healing modalities around the world, including studying the funerary protocols of corpses in baskets in Papua New Guinea, funerary pyres in India and exhumations of corpses from tombs in Madagascar.

David trained with a funeral director on the Isle of Man and then with High Chief Wai Wai Rawi in Vanuatu, South Pacific, into the White Serpent lineage, gaining the highest grade in the tribe as a High Chief and Yeramanu (shaman/skull keeper).


David is the author of two books about his experiences in Vanuatu; 'Return of the White Serpent' and 'Kassoso: When Myth becomes Reality'