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Alison Forge - successful lifestyle coach and author of two best selling books 'Pocket Positivity’ and 'Pocket Positive Power'

Alison Forge

As a successful lifestyle coach Alison uses multiple techniques to assist clients in making positive change to improve wellbeing and lifestyle. Some of these techniques include pop psychology, meditation, metaphysical teachings, non-dominant hand drawing, tarot and oracle cards and so much more.

She is the creator and author of two best selling books 'Pocket Positivity’ and 'Pocket Positive Power' sharing much of what has helped her on her own life healing journey. After years of abuse and over 40 years of diagnosed illnesses that include beating Cancer and overcoming the challenges of living with Crohns Disease since the age of 19.


Alison’s reputation as a natural intuitive 'Problem Solver' grows by way of the results seen by her clients, glowing recommendations and testimonials. This has led to her comment being sought by national press, international publications, radio, and the BBC.

Alison has assisted clients with issues ranging from general unhappiness, despair, difficulties, depression, anxiety, health problems, relationship issues, abuse, trauma, lack of direction, self sabotage and self worth.

She has a friendly real life inspirational and empowering approach creating a vision for others to see on every level, she has an enthusiasm that is both infectious and intoxicating. This is someone who has faced most of what people hold in their hearts and minds as fear, and an example of what can be achieved.

Alison’s workshops, events, and experiences are suitable for all who are seeking to make powerful positive change happen and succeed in supporting overall wellbeing, health, happiness and success.

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