Alison Forge 

Alison Forge is well qualified in recognising that being positive does not always come easily. Yet, in spite of dysfunctional living, abusive relationships, numerous diagnosed health conditions, that include Crohn's Disease at nineteen, Cancer at twenty-six, DVT’s, and multiple major surgical procedures - she remains positive with an infectious powerful energy that inspires and motivates others.


Based on her experiences of what works, Alison shares all via her writings, workshops, and retreats. When a foundation of support is found and put in place to tackle life’s stumbling blocks and challenges, you are equipped with tools and techniques to find balance and move forward out of those times of despair, depression, and self-doubt. 


Alison’s reputation as a life healing teacher, lifestyle coach, and natural intuitive ‘Problem Solver’ has grown by way of the results seen by her client's glowing recommendations and testimonials.